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  • Q. How do you send me your programs?​

    • A. Working with me gives you full access to the Noble Nutrition app - available for both iPhone and Android. This app has everything on it - your workouts, your nutrition plan, your supplement recommendations, a built in chat feature so we can talk, and then a feature to allow you to check in with pictures and a questionnaire every weekend.​

  • Q. Do you work with lifestyle clients trying to lose weight / build muscle? Or just competitors?​

    • A. Actually, the bulk of my clients are lifestyle - just normal men and women trying to shed a few pounds or build a decent amount of muscle mass without getting TOO big or TOO lean.​

  • Q. Do you work with women?​

    • A. Of course I work with women, both lifestyle and contest prep. ​Everything is very professional when it comes to working with female clients - you are allowed to check in wearing whatever you feel comfortable in. However, for contest prep, you will be required to check in wearing minimal APPROPRIATE attire when we start prep. I cannot get you ready for a show if you're wearing leggings and a hoodie in check in pics!

  • Q. Do you work with enhanced athletes?​

    • A. Yes.​ I can prescribe hypothetical supplementation protocols, recommend ancillary supplements, recommend bloodwork panels, and read and assist with bloodwork on an advanced level.

  • Q. Do you work with natural athletes?​

    • A. Yes.​ I have coached and won overalls in the OCB, where my athletes are drug tested and subjected to a polygraph test. I can recommend supplements that will give you an enhanced look and are available anywhere, such as Amazon. 

  • Q. Do you work with fake natty's?​

    • A. I am a fake natty, so yes.​

  • Q. What does working with you as my coach entail? What are the benefits?

    • A. The short explanation of it all is that you get custom diet plans, workout routines, and supplement guidance. Nothing is cookie cutter, everything is created for YOU and YOUR goals. You also get 24/7 contact with me through full free access to my custom training app, and weekly check-ins where we go over your progress by analyzing your feedback, pictures, and weight log from the previous 7 days. No contracts. No sign up or cancellation fees. No BS. You will reach your goals, and very quickly.​

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