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Best Diet for Muscle Gain: Give Your Body the Best Chance for Growth

Muscle building is a lifestyle - a carefully balanced combination of weightlifting and nutrition. Spending hours at the gym working out is not sufficient to build muscles; consuming the best diet for muscle gain is equally important, if not more. The right food complements the right diet. You must provide your body with the proper nutrition so that it has the best chance at growth.

Best Chance for Growth

Understand your body to find the right diet

Muscles in the human body are made up of thousands of tightly bundled elastic fibers that comprise blocks of proteins called myofibrils. This gives the general idea that muscles are built up of protein, and hence, a protein-rich diet is the ideal nutrition plan for enhancing your muscles.

However, that is not entirely true. Gaining muscles is a long process requiring intense hard work and discipline, and to complete the "bulking and cutting" phase. The body requires carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the ratio of 60:30:20 to function healthily.

During the bulking phase, you should consume 15% more calories over your maintenance calories. Whereas, during the cutting phase, you should lower your calorie intake by 15% of your maintenance amount.

The perfect roadmap to healthy muscle building

When you have understood the requirements of your body, you can proceed with muscle-building accordingly.

In the bulking phase, you must consume a nutrient-dense and protein-intense diet, focusing on macronutrients and micronutrients to help your body grow and remain strong to undergo rigorous exercise. Your meal should consist of wholemeal carbs, plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, and animal protein.

During the cutting phase, your intent should be to lose fat while retaining muscle mass. This should be accompanied by exercises oriented towards fat loss. But do not go easy, be disciplined with your meals throughout!

The ideal diet for building muscle strength

It is advised to take 20-30 grams of protein with each meal or snack. But a holistic diet is ideal for bodybuilding. You should focus on:

  • Variety of meat, fish, and dairy: eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, prawns, salmon, tuna, low-fat Greek yogurt, semi-skimmed milk

  • Fruits and vegetables: berries, apples, bananas, oranges, avocado, green vegetables, starchy vegetables

  • Nuts and seeds: brazil nuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, chia, and flax seeds

  • Vegan alternatives: legumes and chickpea

  • Muscle-building supplements: whey protein, creatine

Foods to avoid

Alcohol, added sugars, and deep-fried foods are detrimental to muscle growth. You should also be careful regarding the food you eat before a workout that might upset your stomach or slow you down during training.

When you have figured out your suitable meals according to these diet suggestions, sticking to your diet is the biggest challenge you need to accomplish. The ideal way to do that is by making a schedule and adhering to it religiously. You can achieve this with Noble Nutrition, where we will help you make a customized diet plan and teach you the perfect method of meal prep for maintaining your schedule and never skipping any meals.

On a concluding note, we must stress the importance of dieting and exercise for muscle-building. Your body requires nutrients for proper functioning and nutrient-rich meals will lead you to achieve your desired shape. The best diet for muscle gain will give your body a chance to thrive.

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